TWO YEARS ago today I packed away all my things into my car and moved here! I miss my mom and a select few friends, but in all I am happy where I am. My dude rules, our cat is awesome, and we have a sweet place to live. My friends are fun, I have a great job, and hopefully getting into school this fall. Happy two years to ME! #kansanimal #indianimal #not

Up 15 lbs from my beginning point last time. It should be higher but I missed out last week d/t getting out of work late but whatever, I’m stoked. #deadliftingrules @50shadezofgainzz One day at a time!

if thats not punk i dont know what is

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I’ve gotten a pretty good response from Kelly Doty and her assistant in regards to my chest piece inquiry! Fingers crossed we can get something set up.

My new makeup works for me. Finally something white enough for my pale self. Thanks @omglizzi!

Afternoon walks and evening homemade stuffed peppers and garlic bread. #sundayfunday



Daughter tells her Dad he’s going to be a Grandpa [x]

My favorite video.

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Victorian era house in Angeleno Heights, Los Angeles

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how do children EXIST

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~~Yes. Always.

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men with deep voices moaning and groaning though ugh take me


Made this last night.

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