Jack White was at the Cubs game yesterday. Wahh uhhh!

The higher the hair, the closer to god

Got some love on the @inkedtilldeath Facebook and Instagram last night! @soeasilyswayed <3

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It’s a day late because I’ve lost track of this week.

My #wcw is my mom! We only get along half the time, and we like each other more when we live 12 hours away, but my mom is pretty cool sometimes and I miss her every now and then. Plus my mom is a babe and was on a Tequila ad.


I’m desperately desperately trying to get back into school this fall and really need some ideas on where to apply for student loans.

i tried FAFSA, and it will not work for me. I am under 24, no kids, and not married, so FAFSA views me as “dependent” (even though I have lived on my own since 17). So I would need to enter my mother’s information and she makes too much money, so I would not get anything from them then either.

I tried Sallie Mae and it says I need a cosigner. Which I do not have. 
I have good credit, but my credit history is not long enough (I had this same issue when I bought my car).

I’m really trying to get a loan to cover the 2014-2015 academic year so I need to get this rolling now so I can get signed up for classes. 

I have waited for 3 years now to go to school because no matter what I do, I cannot find a way to pay for it.

Any help or suggestions are welcome. 

Please send me an ask if you really want to discuss it, and I will send you my email address.

Side stage for Slayer. Take me back. @slaywhore <3


#rackcitybitches #blamebillsmiles (Taken with Instagram)

Hahahahaha goddamn it Bill Smiles

I’ve never done the whole deadlifting thing because it wasn’t something I was interested in. But my boo @50shadezofgainzz makes it look fun so I’ll try it. I’m a deadlift weakling…. I will never be as strong as she is. 104 lbs. the first day isn’t terrible. I’ll take it.

1 year ago today, Acacia was hit and killed by a car. Can’t believe it’s already been a whole year.


Photos I took in Alaska over the last week. (I had to “dumb down” the quality to fit onto Tumblr.)

All were taken on my Canon Rebel t2i.
I was very fortunate to have beautiful 70 degree/sunny weather for my whole trip. It rained two weeks before I got there, and it started raining again yesterday and has rain in the forecast every day for the next 10 days. 

Saving copies of everything to my 1TB external harddrive. So happy to have this. 

Yes, I have Peter Steele as my wallpaper. I did consider his Playgirl shoot for it, but decided against it. 

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